Satan, a former angel turned a villain; a look at his side of the story

Yesterday I wrote about the ridiculousness of the God concept, using creation and the famous Jesus coming to die for our sins’ stories as a case study. Today, let’s look at SATAN, a former angel turned a villain. By the way, I am writing this from Turkey a beautiful country—that …

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Awudome ghosts on rampage

Congratulations to you on your graduation last Wednesday, Mr Jerry Tsatro Mordy of myjoyonline who just graduated with another Masters degree in Conflict Resolution something something. So the women who also graduated, can we say they got a Madams degree? Just asking o especially in these days of gender gender …

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Are Ghanaian female celebrities under a spell?

I always get this creepy feeling anytime I hear a female celebrity in the news. You know why? Because they always make the headline for the wrong reasons as usual. Why will a well-trained girl, lady or a woman go naked all in the name of fame and money? I …

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Y Pee names several underground artists for his Upcoming song “Make Am”

Mey3 guy hitmaker also known as the youth president [Y Pee] is making use of his presidency, as he names many underground artists for his upcoming tune called “Make Am” the rapper threw a challenge out there {survival of the fittest).And now those who survived  names are mentioned. The rapper …

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